I bought both Ruby and Sapphire for my girlfriend and myself to play.

After getting some medals and catching some Pokemon we decided to trade and battle a bit with Pokemon level 20 and having only 3 medals.

We appeared in the PSS as friends online and we can issue battle or trades, but after accepting a message displays and the attempt is canceled. The message we get is:

Combat/trade canceled any of the participants is missing

  • We tried to trade and battle people online and we don't have any problems.
  • We used local trading/combat. Tried internet too
  • The Pokemon where caught and raised in-game, no hacks nor strange trades with other games.
  • I have a 3ds XL and she has a new 3ds XL
  • Both games are updated with the latest patch

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When Wifi battling, the PSS will give you an option to enable voice chat.

If you are the host, i.e. the one sending the challenge, you can either choose 'Yes' or 'No' to enable or disable voice-chat. It doesn't really matter which.

If you are the joining player, you will either get a message saying something like:

Enable Voice Chat? Yes/No


Disable Voice Chat? Yes/No

In either case, the joining player must choose 'Yes' in order to accept & join the battle - choosing 'No' will count as a declined battle offer.

Source: battling every day*

*...to claim my rightful plaaaaace!!!

  • really i didn't had those problems in X & Y, now i'm curious how they ended with this decisión it's completely ilogical from my point of view
    – xerido
    Aug 27, 2015 at 11:56
  • @xerido - this is just one instance of terrible UI design that make up 6th Gen Pokemon. The GTS is a mess, Wonder trade exits after every trade, The VS. Recorder etc - so many poorly layed out menus
    – Robotnik
    Aug 27, 2015 at 13:42

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