I am using the testifier command, /testfor @a[x=-436,y=9,z=-758], but instead of testing for a player at those coordinates, it is testing everywhere, and finding me. Any help?


Your command does not work as supplying a x, y and z modifier only changes the location of which the command block detects from.

If you'd like to detect for a player at that location, add the r (radius) modifier to your selector.
By default, the radius (if one is not specified) is infinite (also called 'none').

You'll want to use:

/testfor @a[x=-436,y=9,z=-758,r=1]

Try to use execute:

execute @a -436 9 758 [command you want to happen]

This command makes a player execute the command you put when they go to the location you entered [-436 9 758].

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