A long while ago, Mojang had released a fake Minecraft version for April Fools called Minecraft 2.0 which had many amusing features added to it. I've been meaning to revisit it, but the problem is, during that time, Minecraft still used the old launcher system.

Now, though, with the post-1.6 launcher being used, the process to install a JAR file manually is very different. I don't even know if the downloads for MC 2.0 are available anymore.

Is it still possible to install Minecraft 2.0 now?


Yes, it is possible. The .jar files can still be downloaded and can be found over on the Minecraft Wiki (Working links).

This process should work universally for both Windows and Mac. Linux will also work provided that you have installed the programs needed for .zip archives.

To install them on your client, you will need to open up the .zip archive for whichever version you downloaded and copy the minecraft.jar file.

.zip contents

After that, navigate into your .minecraft folder* and go into the versions directory. Make a new folder there called 2.0 or something similar.


Paste your minecraft.jar into the folder and rename it to the same thing as the folder it's in.

2.0 jar

Copy a .json file from one of your other version folders and paste into your new folder. Rename that also to your folder's name.

2.0 json

Open the file in a text editor (Notepad++ does the job well) and edit the "id" line. Change the version value to, you guessed it, your folder's name.

(Note: Depending on which version you copied the JSON from, you may also have to change the "mainClass" value at the bottom to net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.)

id: 2.0 mainClass

Create a new launcher profile.

launcher profile

And hey presto, you can now celebrate April Fools 2013 all over again!

But keep this in mind:

A warning from Dinnerbone

*On Windows, this should be located in %appdata%\.minecraft, while on Linux it should be ~/.minecraft. On Mac, it should be ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.

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  • How many versions of mine craft do you use? You have a lot listed there. – ydobonebi Oct 24 '15 at 7:42

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