In The Groove is a music game, heavily based on Dance Dance Revolution. It has an entirely different scoring system based on percentage which favors your step-by-step accuracy over hitting every step inaccurately. Now onto my question.


This as an image of my best run on the hardest song in the original ITG (Pandemonium on Expert, the only 13. ITG2 added Vertex^2 and Summer -Speedy Mix-). What the most important part of this screen is the percentage score and the 'rank' to the left of it. With 0.00%, you get an F and with 96+, the rating moves from letters to Stars. What I know is this:

  • Quad Star: 100% (Every step is a Fantastic. Confirmed. Also ridiculous.)
  • Tri Star: 99% (Does this require you to get nothing but Excellents and Fantastics?)
  • Double Star: 98% (Again, does this require an Excellent Full Combo?)
  • Star: 96% (Does not require anything other than the score. Confirmed.)
  • S+: 94%
  • S: 92%? (I am unsure on this one. I recall getting a 92.09 on a song and only getting S-.)
  • S-: 90%

What are the rest of the ranks?


Here's the full list of ranks, courtesy of bemani wikia:

4 Stars: 100%
3 Stars: 99%
2 Stars: 98%
1 Star: 96%
S+: 94%
S: 92%
S-: 89%
A+: 86%
A: 83%
A-: 80%
B+: 76%
B: 72%
B-: 68%
C+: 64%
C: 60%
C-: 55%
D: Less than 55%, but not Life Depleted
F: Life Depleted - Round Failed

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