I have been wandering around the 2F of the Graceleaf Bay Pirate Fortress trying to open a locked door. I don't know where the key is. Where do I go to get the key for the door?


I ended up finding the answer in a forum on GameFAQs here.

To sum up, you have to go to the Tunnel of the Aspirant's Fortune at the bottom-right corner of the map from the 2F of the Graceleaf Bay Pirate Fortress. Then you need to use the hammer, Quarry Mattock, to break any rocks that are in your way. Follow the singular path to the Mines of the Betrayed's Rest. There you will find the Rusted Key. Lastly, trace your steps back to the locked door and open it using the key.

I didn't realize that the directions for the Hollow Map and the regular map are reversed for this dungeon. I also didn't realize that it was talking about the Rusted Key in the first place.

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