I need to get the "Point Counter-Point" achievement which requires me to do the Deathstroke battle without missing a single counter. I have already beaten the game and the New Game Plus mode, though, and I am at the Deathstroke battle in the I am the Night mode.

Without the counter icons it is nearly impossible to do this battle in I am the Night mode (plus, I won't know if I even missed a counter and didn't realize it). If I don't get the achievement when I do the battle in this mode, how do I go back and replay the Deathstroke battle to get the achievement?

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There is no active way to replay boss fights in Batman: Arkham Origins. Confirmed on Steam, and on GameFAQs, here and here.

It is even confirmed on TrueAchievements as a missable achievement, meaning that if you do not unlock the achievement when it is open to you, there is no going back to retry.

MustangNox has some good advice for handling the boss fight, in terms of making it easier to unlock this achievement.

I though this missable achievement was going to be quite hard, but after a few tries I found a method that works well. All you have to do is jump over Deathstroke using AA, kick him once with X and then AA jump again. Also, every few hits (8 without upgrades) you will have an effective B+Y combo available to use. This way, you need to press Y to counter only during QTEs. It's even possible to finish the fight without Deathstroke throwing barrels at you (that's what happened to me).

  • Ah, okay. That's a stupid design flaw, and one of the reasons Arkham Origins frustrates me so much. Thanks for the advice also, but I've read that already and it only makes it /slightly/ easier on I Am The Night. I guess maybe I'll reset my entire game after I get all the other achievements and then go back and get that one,
    – Guy
    Sep 2, 2015 at 20:20

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