At Mother Base, my soldiers are sayng: "I'll help you get resources Boss". I know from Peace Walker you can send out other soldiers on missions. How do you do that in The Phantom Pain?

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    Sometimes the soldiers actually do also say "Send me on a mission, Boss!" or similar. – RenaissanceProgrammer Sep 3 '15 at 19:09

For how to send soldiers on dispatch missions, I refer you to what should utimately be your first point of call: The Game Manual

Dispatch Missions

With the exception of Snake, Diamond Dogs staff can be sent out on missions. Open "COMBAT DEPLOYMENT" from the "MISSIONS" tab. After selecting a mission from the list, choose the unit's formation. Once a set period of time has passed, the mission results will be displayed. If the mission is successful, you'll receive a reward.

  • Be aware that staff sent on missions may be hospitalized or killed, and vehicles may be destroyed.
  • You cannot personally control units you dispatch.
  • It's also worth pointing out that dispatching isn't an option until you have developed your combat unit in mother base. – Jeff Mercado Sep 6 '15 at 17:08

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