In Don't Starve (Reign of Giants), on nights with a full moon, I can pick the Glommer Flower at the Glommer Statue, and thereafter the Glommer follows me around, providing a sanity boost if I stand close to him.

The trouble is, when playing as Woodie, I turn into a Werebeaver at the full moon. When my log meter drains and I transform back, I pass out until the next morning.

Given this, is there any way, as Woodie, to somehow obtain the Glommer Flower?


Taken form Woodie's wiki page:

Due to his curse the only way currently to get an Old Bell with Woodie in the Reign of Giants DLC , without the Console, is to plant a Fleshy Bulb near Glommer's Statue, let the Eyeplants take Glommer's Flower off the statue and kill the Lureplant before it digests it.

  • Nice! I'll have to give that a try. – Kyralessa Sep 4 '15 at 1:22

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