In Half-Life 2 the console command npc_create npc_citizen spawns a rebel citizen. is there a cheat to spawn a rebel medic?

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You can modify existing citizens to become medics after you've already spawned them.

To make and individual citizen a medic:

Mouseover them with the crosshair and enter ent_fire !picker setmedicon into the console.

To make all citizens medics:

Optionally, spawn new citizen(s): npc_create npc_citizen

Toggle them to all be medics: ent_fire npc_citizen setmedicon

To toggle groups of citizens to be medics, or to toggle individual citizens to be medics without mousing over them:

You can assign citizens (or individual citizens) to custom groups when you spawn them: npc_create npc_citizen whatever_group_name_you_want

This allows you to easily modify specific citizens that you've spawned: ent_fire whatever_group_name_you_want setmeticon

Alternate example: npc_create npc_citizen medics ent_fire medics setmedicon

Another example: npc_create npc_citizen jack ent_fire jack setmedicon

For a full list of commands, look here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Npc_citizen#Inputs

Or, in game type ent_info npc_citizen into your console for a full list of possible inputs.

Note that you may need to enter sv_cheats 1 prior to running some commands to get them to function.

Finally, quicksave and then type ent_fire npc_citizen ignite. Enjoy.


Actually, I found a way; it's very simple:

  • Rebel medic: ent_create npc_citizen citizentype 3 spawnflags 393732 additionalequipment weapon_smg1
  • Rebel standard: ent_create npc_citizen citizentype 3 spawnflags 262660 additionalequipment weapon_smg1

There you go! Have fun:)

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