So it's my understanding that in order to get a "second tier" skill, you need the first one. I have the entire tree filled out in level 1 for Strong Steel, and I have 2 bronze talents available for myself to use - but for some reason, I can't actually click on the Crushing Blow II skill in my skill tree? I have screenshots of what I mean here:

Can't pick this one?

Highlighted (I can pick this one!)

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I'm afraid it looks like that you have already got it.

Also when using the FCR modification, then there's a bug when you still need to have a silver talent available in order to spend a bronze one (it doesn't touch this question):

Sign power-ups cost a bronze talent, but you need to have at least one silver (or gold later) talent. Silver talents are not spent in learning the power-up. This bug is caused by the mod, but its source lies in the game. The modification does not have errors itself, and for now there is no solution for this problem.

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