I am looking to find out the maximum height that Minecraft 1.8.8 will generate naturally. I have found altitude distribution graphs, but they all focus on ores. To clarify, I am not looking for the maximum build height, but the altitude of the summit of the highest mountain the game will naturally generate.

  • Don't the 1.8 patches only go up to 1.8.8? – SirBenet Sep 7 '15 at 19:32
  • Thank you. Sorry, I had been working in 1.7.10 all day and I got a little mixed up. I corrected my post. – Atlantic Sep 7 '15 at 19:57

There doesn't seem to be any hard limit to how high terrain will generate other than the maximum build height. Here's a mountain generating pretty much right up to the build limit:

enter image description here

  • Thanks. Just to double check, that's not with the amplified terrain generation? If not, then this was exactly what I was looking for! – Atlantic Sep 7 '15 at 19:59
  • @Atlantic Yep, normal terrain; seed and coords included in image. – SirBenet Sep 7 '15 at 20:03

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