I've been wanting to summon an Ender Dragon in the Overworld. But I don't want it to destroy my map. And I'm not going to turn the entire map into end stone and obsidian.

I have been using the /summon EnderDragon command. It will summon the dragon, but it just destroys everything.

  • Do you need the Ender Dragon to be able to move?
    – Moddl
    Sep 10, 2015 at 22:57
  • yes. it won't really be there to fight. but it will be there to look like a cool thing. it would be amazing for a map.
    – Phoebe
    Sep 10, 2015 at 23:03

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Summon a EnderDragon with no AI:

/summon EnderDragon ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1}

Mobs with no AI will not move and will not be animated.


If you don't need other mobs to be able to break stuff, then you can just do this before you summon the dragon:

/gamerule mobGriefing false

But try using tab to autocomplete those words to make sure the capitalization is correct.


If you want the Ender Dragon to not do anything, summon it with this command:

/summon EnderDragon ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1}

But, then it is not animated and is pretty much just a statue. If you want the ender dragon to fly around, hurt people, but not damage blocks, use this gamerule and then summon a regular enderdragon:

/gamerule mobGriefing false

You may want to use tab to make sure capitalization and spelling is correct.

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