In Super Mario Maker you may give levels a star. This indicates you really enjoyed the level and adds it to a special list (essentially your favourites list).

Is there any way to remove levels from this list? (Unstar the level?) I can't find it in game.

  • Well, the thing is... starring other peoples levels unlocks medals on their account, so I'm not sure it would allow unstarring.
    – Powerlord
    Sep 12 '15 at 21:04
  • Hmm.. Then they should have a separate favourites menu... I've hit star by accident on the touch screen, and it's also done it just because I commented. (Why aren't commenting and starring separate??) I don't want certain stages in that list... :(
    – Jason_c_o
    Sep 12 '15 at 22:02
  • 3
    @Guy Well that's just not true. Every time I comment, even within the level, it automatically stars it. Which is counter-intuitive; What if I'm leaving a criticism?
    – Jason_c_o
    Sep 13 '15 at 21:24
  • 4
    I did comment on a game yesterday with critisim, and it does automatically star it... And now I can't even unstar it. What a poor design choice.
    – Guy
    Sep 18 '15 at 16:38
  • 4
    The auto-star on comment is to prevent people from leaving mean/overly critical comments. If you hated a level, then Nintendo wants you to just skip it, not berate the person who made it. They tried to encourage you to do that by tying a star to the comments - so if you really hated that level, did you hate it so much that you were willing to give the guy a star just to tell him how bad it was? Probably not, you'd probably prefer to just not say anything so at least he doesn't get a star for it. lol
    – ZeekLTK
    Dec 10 '15 at 21:53

There seems to be no way to unstar a level.

Some anecdotal experiences: 1, 2

There is, however, a way to comment without starring a stage.

  1. Play (and possibly clear?) the course
  2. Go to Course World
  3. Press -
  4. Select Played Courses
  5. Select View Comments on the course you want Comment in the Miiverse area.


  • 1
    True, but the complain about un-starring usually occurs when a player tries to leave a negative comment and ends up starring said stage.
    – Nelson
    Oct 29 '15 at 6:01
  • 2
    Right, and I'm not claiming it does. Accidental starring occurs from comments, and this is a preemptive answer before the question comes up.
    – Nelson
    Oct 29 '15 at 10:11

You can't unstar a level. I've tried it with a few levels I didn't really like after I accidentally starred them or thought about it and didn't like the level. So you cannot unstar a level after you star it. :/

  • This answer doesn't add anything not already covered by the existing answer. Jan 27 '16 at 20:47

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