Whenever I save a course, it goes into the "World" levels, but I can't find that world window other than when saving.

How can I play my own levels without uploading each of them and is it possible to play the world levels in order?

  • I'm not familiar with mario maker but it would appear after looking here that the coursebot should have a play option. – Shelby115 Sep 14 '15 at 16:41

You can play your own courses by going to the coursebot menu and choosing play. More details on menu options here

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On the Super Mario Maker menu click "Make." Then click a yellow icon on the top right corner with some white bars. Then click an icon with a robot called "Coarsebot." There, you can see the levels you've made and you can play them, edit them, and upload them. You can play them without having to upload them.

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