Last night I bought an N64 Passport Plus from someone on eBay, as there's a bigger range on N64 games, and some that I just can't find in Australia.

While researching the Passport, I noticed that there are four revisions - N64 Passport, N64 Passport Plus, and N64 Passport Plus II and III.

Are there any differences in versions, asides from what wikipedia lists in terms of game compatibility, and the original Passport not having Gameshark?


Found this on Gamefaqs

Unlike earlier convertors and previous versions of the Passport, this version will play every game on the N64 from every region with no side-effects such as bordering or 'ghosting' (a second 'ghost' image appearing on-screen giving a blurred effect).


So it seems it's only a matter of tweaking and optimisation, comfort for the user. Just like when one is making an emulator, there are always some unnatended cases that makes you build a better product.

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