My ps3 super slim stopped working suddenly. It was working fine with no issues, but one day it just refused to turn on . Not even the red LED glows now. I tested the PSU following this video Ps3 Super slim .I confirm PSU is working well . So I am not sure what has gone wrong. Any help is appreciated. Following are the things I tried till now:

1.Replaced the Power/Eject ribbon with new one.

2.Opened the PS3 super slim to check if any thing burnt out, Everything looks fine.

3.Tested the PSU and it is working fine , the out put voltages are perfect as per the video mentioned above in the description.

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    Sep 23, 2015 at 10:31

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You might want to check the power supply and make sure it is actually plugged in instead of loose. It is possible that it was in the middle of a software update where it is rewriting the system with the updated code so try and remember if there had been any power outages around the time it stopped working. I would just contact PS3 support and take it from there. You may be able to get it replaced or fixed for free if the warranty is still valid. I hope this helps!

  • Power supply is good , I even tested the output of the power supply with multimeter . The output voltages matches the voltage specified by Sony .
    – jaycyborg
    Nov 1, 2015 at 15:55

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