I've stumble the 'Engi Colony Hiding' encounter:

You notice an Engi colony hiding on the other side of a nearby moon. It turns out they're excavating an equipment cache from the Federation-Mantis War, and they suggest it might be used to lure the pursuing rebel fleet.

I can't seem to truly understand what are the options exactly (and in a critical situation):

  1. Booby trap the cache (-2 missiles).
  2. Secure the cache.

Can you please explain the story and the options?


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According to the wiki, here are the possible outcomes:

  1. Booby trap the cache.

    • You transfer down some missile warheads and the Engi rig them to blow before setting a distress signal to attract the fleet's attention.

      • You lose 2 missiles and the Rebel Fleet is delayed for 2 turns.
  2. Secure the cache.

    • You have the Engi complete their excavations and bring the supplies on-board.

      • You receive a medium amount of scrap and a drone.

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