Does anyone know an easy way to change workshop objects' default thumbnail icons in cities skylines?

I love the game but I am fed up searching the right object in a panel containing a dozend or more of the ugly white-bricked default icons because the modders forgot to create one for their objects. I figured out that I can load an object into the asset editor and add an icon/thumbnail and then save the object as a new (personal/private?) object and delete the original afterwards - but I don't think that is a good approach (I will have to Provide Updates myself...?)

I wonder if there is a better and easy way to get at least a minimum of comfort back by change / add a thumbnail for the objects that are missing one?

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There's a mod called Improved Asset Icons that can help with this problem. Basically, if there's no icon set for an asset, it looks if there is a preview image on the Workshop and uses that. From the description:

  • Custom assets that do not have icons, but do have Steam Workshop previews will use the Workshop preview as their icon, instead of the default box icon.
  • Custom assets with their own icons that use the default dark-blue focused icon will have their focused icon re-tinted to fit better with the built-in assets.
  • Custom assets that do not have a tooltip image but do have Steam Workshop previews will use the Workshop preview as their tooltip image.
  • JMR I just yesterday stumbled about this thing and tried it. It does not provide a picture for all objects BUT FOR MOST of them, so yes, this is the best way to go for me and maybe the most useful mod available :)
    – Magier
    Sep 25, 2015 at 10:02

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