I have sprung up a 66TICK CS:GO server via hosting (Provider being Hypanova) and have successfully edited the ...\csgo\motd.txt file to look something like so:

//MOTD points to server


This should now show whenever someone joins my server (or so I believe). I have not tested this yet as I am working on the website (trying to make it steam browser friendly).

I now want to add in random chat messages like

Server 1: Welcome %playername% to %server%. The current level is %serverlevel%

I can get the syntax right when I find the file. What is the best method to perform this?


I have found that there is a nice plugin - Advertisement 0.6 that performs what I need to an extent. This solves my question.

Should anyone feel I need to provide a more through answer let me know and I will revise.

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