In "Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels", there were certain winged green Koopa Troopas that would fly back and forth between a set area of a level, similar to how Red Parakoopas would fly up and down in a spot, only the Green Paratroopas were more erratic in their flight pattern.

When I try to attach a set of wings to the green koopas though, they just become standard hopping koopas, and the red koopas only float up and down.

Is there any way to make the Lost Levels style back-and-forth flying Green Paratroopas?


You could attach them to a track, It may not be the exact result you are looking for, but close enough maybe.

  • Not a bad idea. Probably won't be exactly how I'd like them to be, but eh, it'd be close enough. – Zibbobz Oct 26 '15 at 16:58

As of Super Mario Maker v1.10 (current version as of today), there's unfortunately no way to do this.


As of updates that are currently in Super Mario Maker, there is no way to get Winged Koopa's to fly left to right, the only other way you could possibly make this work is get a track, were they bounce from track to track, or just one track in general.

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