So, lately, I've found that I love the look of lens flares in shaders, but, all the shaders with them also have shadows and stuff like that. I was wondering how to get only lens flares in Docteurdreads shaders, henceforth reducing lag drastically. I basically want to know what I could delete out of this zip file to have only the lens flares. Here is the shaders zip file.

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After a quick look at the code, it may be that if lens flare is your requirement you only need the files called:

  • final.fsh
  • final.vsh

Try this out and tell me what happens!

if this fails, it is possible that these may also be required:

  • composite1.fsh
  • composite1.vsh
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    Ah! Only finals blacken the screen, and composit1s show white. Add the composits, and it works. Thanks. Commented Nov 15, 2015 at 20:17

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