"While using the Federation Cruiser, use your crew in 4 special blue event choices by sector 5."

What's 'special blue event choices'?

Any tips / guidance regarding this achievement? like - best sectors to chose?

  1. "Special blue event choice" is an event option that has blue color. It means your system/crew member is being used to solve the event. This special option does not appear if you don't have the required system/crew.
    Example: Unknown Disease on Mining Colony - has the special blue option for either Rock or Engi crew member (Also medbay, but this achievement requires using crew, not systems)
  2. As for where, it really depends on your crew. Often events in sector of particular race require crew member of the same race. There's also some luck involved - not every event have special blue option, and you don't see all events during a playthrough.

A full list of blue options based on crew members - which are required for that specific achievement - can be found on the FTL Wikia here.

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