Okay, first things first: can you actually get a rare/legendary dweller from the radio room?

First I built a 2-wide radio room with high-charisma dwellers working it and average dwellers were arriving nicely enough, okay. But, if I want rare/legendary dwellers, can I expect them to show up from broadcasting?

If I build a bigger radio room, will that attract rare dwellers? (I don't really see the point in manning a larger room if all it does is tweak the timer... am I wrong?)

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From the Bethesda Blog, developers confirm that Legendary Dwellers only comes from Lunchboxes :(



The community is fairly sure you can only get legendary dwellers from lunchboxes, but I couldn't find anything concrete, but it's extremely hard to definitely prove a negative.

Rare dwellers can come from a radio room, but the only thing a larger room contributes bringing dwellers in faster. Upgrading the room doesn't directly increase the chance of rare dwellers showing up.

  • A larger room also allows more people working it, for a larger happiness boost.
    – OrangeDog
    Sep 15, 2016 at 14:44

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