I recently subscribed to 2 things

  • A Stanley Paradox (game mode)
  • Windfall Island (map)

I would really like to play either of these but I cannot find a way to launch anything like this. I have mods like Craftable Lockpicks and Faster Vanilla Horses working fine, but maps/game modes don't.

How can I launch these?


It depends on the mod itself how it's launched or where it's located.

A Stanley Paradox

Head over to Sleeping Giants Inn and read the scroll

See the 'Stanley Paradox' description

Windfall Island

The island itself is situated just north of Dawnstar but for ease of traval you can quick travel to it but using the console command "coc windfall" without the quotation marks or use the location marker in the in game map to fast travel.

See the 'Windfall Island' description

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