Time trial mode gives ranks to runs. I made a pretty bad run and got... a B, which isn't that bad of a mark? I was expecting a big bold F or something.

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Is B the worst rank VVVVVV will give?

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Yes, B is the worst rank. The possible ranks are

B (lowest)
V (highest)

From a VVVVVV wiki:

In the Time Trials play mode [...] The objectives are finishing the level in less than the par time, collecting all the trinkets, and avoiding deaths. [...] If none of these objectives are met during a time trials run, the player is awarded a "B" rank. If some of the objectives is met the player receives a higher rank: "A" rank for one objective met, "S" rank for two objectives met, and "V" rank for all three.

(emphasis mine)

  • I've heard of grade inflation, but this is just silly. Commented Jan 14, 2014 at 0:09

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