How to get past the Subway Aeration room, the room where you have to Stop the fan, and get past them before they're automatically restarted, in the Ropeburn chapter

Everytime I try, or the fan goes back on when i reach the fan (killing me), or I somehow can't reach the ledge just yet, or somehow I get to wallrun in a single place (glitch?) dropping back to the lower level afterwards.

Should I use the left (closest) or the right (away) wall (from the fan) to wallrun back to the center ledge.

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If you press the button and wallrun directly to the fans you should have plenty of time to get through them.

See this YouTube video to see it more clearly.

  • managed to get past it, the critical part was to jump off the wall at the end of the wallrun. Commented Jul 17, 2010 at 0:03

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