I was just playing fallout shelter, taking care of my vault. When i was switching one of dwellers from the fitness room to the lounge. After the dweller entered the lounge a strange melody started playing, and when it finished a man in a long coat appeared in the corner. After like 5 sec he disapeared again. I managed to take a screenshot of him. But after that i looked it up on the internet but i found nothing. But who is this and what does he proclaim/mean???

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    How mysterious! So you're asking who this stranger is? Commented Oct 18, 2015 at 19:49

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He is the Mysterious Stranger.

Clicking on him gives you caps.

I got 2460 caps the last time.

Listen for a piano sound. You have a few seconds to find him and get the caps.

He disappears after a second sound is played.

He was added in version 1.2

You must click on him while he is standing there.