I bought a PS4 and it already had a PSN profile, so I created my own profile and used the original PSN profile to play online. Now the PlayStation Plus subscription is about to expire.

Instead of renewing the original profiles PS+ subscription, I want to purchase a new PS+ subscription for my new PSN profile.

The problem is I pre-ordered CoD: Black Ops 3 with original PSN profile and don't want to buy PS+ subscription for my profile if I won't be able play the game online.

I would renew original profiles PS+ subscription if I it meant I could still play the game on my own PSN profile.

  • You are going to need to talk to Sony PSN support for this I believe, nothing we can help you with here.. well in regards the profile oddness. Save games are usually tied to PSN account but that can vary game to game. – James Oct 19 '15 at 5:32

Yes, but your account that has PS+ must be registered as the primary account on the PS4 you use.


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