Ash is the only warframe (of those available) that I don't have. For the life of me I haven't been able to get manics to reliably spawn. Some have suggested LOR, but it seems a bit much to try and farm manics. I have tried various sabotage, exterminate and survival missions in the mid to high level Grineer controlled worlds, all to no avail. Anyone have ideas for reliably farming Ash part blueprints?

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The only way I know how Manics are summoned is a period of time after the alarm been raised, which includes defenses, survivals & interceptions. DE seems to prolonged this period after U17.

I've thought of two ways:

  1. Raise the alarm and hide in a corner, on top of a ledge, or anywhere far away from enemy fire. Then turn up your volume and go AFK (but not away from your computer), have a break & relax but be aware of Manic's laughter.

  2. Join a (Law of Retribution) raid/trial squad, there are relatively more Manics there. If possible, go with as many of your friends as possible to farm them.

  • The Law of Retribution raid is the way to go. I've gotten into a group and done the raid 5 times now. Of the 5 times I have done it, I have gotten a complete Ash set 4 of those times. Commented Dec 28, 2015 at 15:26

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