I want to transfer fuel between two tanks while they are docked in orbit.

The thing is, one of the tanks has a Probodobodyne OKTO between the docking port and the tank.

I don't want to use any transfer fuel mods like Quantum Fuel Transfer.

Is it possible to transfer the fuel with the Probodobodyne in the middle or is it going to be a problem?



For automatic fuel flow: Having objects in between fuel tanks doesn't matter unless - it's a separator or a docking port with crossfeed turned off and it's on by default.

For manual fuel transfer: Having objects in between fuel tanks doesn't ever matter.


It does not matter at all if your tanks and engines are next to each other or separated by a part (that allows crossfeed). OKTO allows crossfeed, but some parts don't. For example, fuel does not automatically get transferred when you have a decoupler in the middle. In the case of the decoupler, you will see a No fuel crossfeed! message orange text when you select the decoupler in the VAB. No fuel crossfeed is when you cannot crossfeed fuel between tanks on either end.

You can however still transfer fuel by holding ⎇ alt and clicking on the 2 tanks you want to transfer between. You will see a button In and a button Out. You can click these to transfer fuel (and any other resource)

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