I'm doing a Genocide run of Undertale now, which involves killing literally everyone (not only ending all encounters with a fight, but hunting down every monster in an area and killing them). The problem I'm currently having with this is I have to count, and I don't want to count. That, and I'm certain I'm going to miss some counting. Is there any way to know for sure that the Genocide ending will happen at a given point in a run?

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There's no need to count the number of enemies in each area. Just keep killing enemies in the area until you get the "But nobody came" message in your random encounters. This means you have killed all the enemies in this area and you can continue on to the boss. Be sure you finish this before approaching the area's boss, even if you can normally go back before actually fighting them.

Save points outside the Ruins also have a counter indicating how many enemies are left in the area.

When doing a Genocide run don't forget killing the dummy and the initial Froggit.

You can view a full list of all the enemies you need to kill here.

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    The counter on save points appears only after you kill out the Ruins. And you have to kill everything before you go fight the area boss.
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There are a couple of ways that let know you are on the genocide route.

  1. Instead of a ! when you encounter a fight you show a :).

  2. The bosses say different messages than the Pacifist Route. Toriel: You really hate me don't you?

  3. When you have killed enough monsters in the area you are in a message will pop up saying, But nobody came. in small letters.

  4. Whenever you click the "Save Point" it does not say the messages you usually see. For example, 18 left. When the number reaches to zero, the "Save Point" says, Determination. This means you have killed all the monsters in that area. Each number counts as one monster.

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