Imagine Gangplank has more than one barrel placed and yasuo places a wind wall between them.

Can the wind wall block the detonation of the second barrel?

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NO, the connection between barrels is not considered a skill-shot or a projectile, nor it is the explosion of the barrel which is normal AOE damage.

The only way Yasou can prevent barrels' explosion is to windwall GP's Q to the first barrel of the chain.


Apparently Yasuo's wind wall can't block gankplank's barrel's chain reactions for sure. But it maybe possible to block the damage from a barrel placed in front of the wall.

so basically the powder trail is not coded as a projectel, just an effect to let you know it's gonna go boom.

  • It shouldn't block damage from the barrel, as that's not a projectile either.
    – gwj17
    Commented Oct 31, 2015 at 13:41

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