So, I want to buy Mass Effect Trilogy but I don't have that much space on my ps3. (I want to buy the game digital) So, can I download the games individual? or do I have to download the 33 gb with the 3 games?

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I bought the Mass Effect trilogy on PSN. It appears on my download list as three separate items that can be downloaded separately.


According to a post on Reddit, yes. It's likely the size you are seeing is what the combined size of all three games is. Here are the sizes from the same topic.

In my opinion, I would be surprised the game does not have individual downloads, considering the DLC, games, etc., really rack up and much of the games are dissimilar save a few oddities. Of course, the alternative (what I have done) is buy the disc set or each game individually (higher price), so I cannot confirm that.

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