I had a Xbox One with a GTA V account on it, but now I have a PS4. Can I transfer my Xbox One account over and get it on my PS4?

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No, you cannot. Both consoles are completely different platforms both in terms of physical disc copies, online community hubs and (especially) distribution services. You cannot use an Xbox account with a PlayStation as they are both entirely different.

As such, you will need to repurchase your games to accommodate the new platform.

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No, you cannot transfer between current gen consoles on GTA V. You can only transfer from previous generations, ie. xbox 360 to ps4. If you wanted to transfer from a current generation console like Xbox One the only option would be to transfer to PC.

Straight from Rockstar Support https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202892778-Transferring-Your-Previous-Grand-Theft-Auto-Online-Characters-and-Progression-to-PlayStation-4-Xbox-One-or-PC

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