OK so I completed the Special Bonds things I think because I did the last one. I talked with Maude and she and Trevor said Goodbye, and I went back to the city. But now, I do not seem any of the Story Mode Missions showing up! So I cannot do the rest of the missions to unlock the rest of the characters again! Please help! Also I have already completed the Mr. Phillips Thing. (This is NOT online mode). Thanks, Zjump!

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  1. Switch to Franklin.
  2. Call Tanya and do last job with car.
  3. Then go with Michael at home and go to sleep.
  4. He´ll wake up and you´ll see next mission with Lester.....
  • I cannot access Micheal nor Franklin since they are both not unlocked yet! I am only at 20 Percent!!!!
    – Zjump
    Commented Nov 12, 2015 at 8:03

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