I'm creating a server for me and my friends at school so we can link and have fun together. I already created the server and everything, but they can't link if my server doesn't have a name!

How do I name it!?

  • I think you confuse name with url. The servers name is shown in the servers-list in minecraft(can even contain color/formatting), whereas the url is the address, your friends have to enter to find the server in the first place(see colorfusions answer).
    – Mystery
    Nov 7 '15 at 0:17

Your friends can use your IP address to connect to the server. You can get your external IP just by searching for it on Google.

If you want to actually have a proper name for your server with words instead of numbers, you'll need to register a domain name. This can be done through a registrar, but will cost money and is outside of the scope of this website.

  • There are free Dynamic DNS services which can serve as a domain service. This will be a subdomain of some kind (yourservernamehere.somefixedcompanyname.com), however.
    – 1Darco1
    Nov 6 '15 at 23:41

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