I am trying to test if the player is holding a piece of paper named "Ticket" with a lorestring saying that the ticket is not punched. I have the following:

/testfor @p[r=10] {SelectedItemSlot:0,Inventory:[{Slot:0b,tag:{display:{Name:"Ticket",Lore:[This is a punched ticket.]}}]}

I can get it to work with just the Name but I can't get it to work with both the name and lore. How do I fix this?


You are missing a closing curly bracket for the item data:

/testfor @p[r=10] {SelectedItemSlot:0,Inventory:[{Slot:0b,tag:{display:{Name:"Ticket",Lore:["This is a punched ticket."]}}}]}

However, I recommend using the SelectedItem compound tag instead of checking for each individual hotbar slot. SelectedItem will contain a copy of the player's currently-held item (minus the Slot tag), such that you do not need to have multiple command blocks for each slot:

/execute if entity @p[distance=..10,nbt={SelectedItem:{tag:{display:{Name:"\"Ticket\"",Lore:["This is a punched ticket."]}}}}] run <command>

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