I was wondering how to use the new 1.9 stacking tag, which i believe goes like this:

/summon Chicken ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:"Slime"­}]}`

I am wondering how to use this to give players colored leather armor that's "riding" each other, so that pushing on button gives a player a full set of colored armor. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

  • You use it like the Riding: tag, only with the mob stack defined from the bottom-up as opposed to top-down. – aytimothy Nov 10 '15 at 3:31
  • You can't use Passengers for equipping armor, because armor is defined by slots in the inventory, not a bunch of entities riding each other. Im not sure, whether you can stack items this way, to just give the player multiple items. – Mystery Nov 10 '15 at 23:22
  • I was under the impression that questions concerning unreleased versions of game was not allowed as the question and any answers become quickly and easily invalid as such question may refer to feature that can and most likely will either change or even be removed. – ydobonebi Nov 13 '15 at 4:23

Since Passengers is a list, you separate each rider (the slime) of the root entity (the chicken) with a comma. This differs from Riding in that each rider is not required to ride one another, though it is still possible by including Passengers with each rider.

The following would summon a pair of leather boots as the root entity, that had 3 other riders at the same depth:

/summon Item ~ ~1 ~ {Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_boots",Count:1},Passengers:[{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_leggings",Count:1}},{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_chestplate",Count:1}},{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_helmet",Count:1}}]}

If you want them nested further, similar to a Riding stack, you'll have to add Passengers to the rider:

/summon Item ~ ~1 ~ {Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_boots",Count:1},Passengers:[{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_leggings",Count:1},Passengers:[{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_chestplate",Count:1},Passengers:[{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:leather_helmet",Count:1}}]}]}]}
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    Dang. You beaten me. – aytimothy Nov 10 '15 at 3:38

I suggest you to use McStacker selecting as Minecraft version 1.9 Snapshots

McStacker Image

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