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Similar to this question, but it only deals with Junk items and Debris.

What can I do to items that are not Junk, but also no longer needed / wanted, like underpowered Guns, Ammo for weapons I don't have, Armor Pieces that are just as good as no armor at all?

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You can break down weapons and armor at the appropriate crafting station. So weapons at the weapons bench and armor at the armor bench.

Alternatively you can sell them to any vendor, if you don't need the materials, or need the caps more.

You might want to think about the Scrapper perk before breaking down weapons and armor, if you intend to take it at all I'd get it before you start breaking them down to take advantage of the extra material from the start.

  • I've found that the armor bench only lets you scrap armor that can be modified. Other kinds of armor need to be dropped on the ground and scrapped via the workshop interface. – Nolonar Nov 11 '15 at 23:29

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