There are 8 resurrection rewards (these are the amounts with "Save Me" fully upgraded) that can come up when spinning the wheel:

  • 125 fewest coins
  • 250 more coins in a bag
  • 625 chest of coins
  • 1250 most coins with "X" symbol
  • 50 seconds of coin magnet
  • 50 seconds of shield
  • 1250 meters boost
  • 8 gems

Are these all 8 outcomes equally likely? I haven't collected any data so it would be good to know.


OK, after not getting a response, I did a small study and log the number of times I got various rewards over some 50 resurrections:

  • 9 times 125 fewest coins
  • 7 times 250 more coins in a bag
  • 5 times 625 chest of coins
  • 7 times 1250 most coins with "X" symbol
  • 6 times 50 seconds of coin magnet
  • 7 times 50 seconds of shield
  • 9 times 1250 meters boost
  • 0 times 8 gems

From this data, not a huge amount, but there was not a single gem reward. The others appear about all the same likelihood, more or less. The reason I asked this question was because after the October or November update, it seemed like I wasn't getting the gem reward as often as in earlier versions and my suspicions seem to be confirmed.

  • I did notice after I stopped keeping careful track that the gem reward is still possible- about 10 or 15 rewards past when I was keeping track, I got it once. So it does have a non-zero probability but it seems clearly lower than the others. – purple Dec 13 '15 at 13:24

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