I've somehow managed to mark a weapon as a favorite, this draws a little heart next to it:

favorite weapon

I don't remember doing anything to enable this state (and I've had this gun pretty much from the start of the game with a variety of upgrades performed). However, if I press the F key on my keyboard, I get a little popup which acts as a quick access to change my currently equipped weapon, and that is quite useful:

quick access pop up

As you can see, this is empty except my pistol.

How do I mark a weapon as a favorite so it's available in the quick access menu?


Go into the inventory in your Pip-boy, press Q and then the number of the slot. You can then also access the weapons directly using the number keys.

  • On consoles, you go to your inventory, press a button (think it's the right bumper), and the quick access cross pops up. You then select the slot for the item using the D-Pad, as you would when bringing up the quick-access cross during normal play.
    – DCShannon
    Nov 14 '15 at 2:56

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