I have quite the number of companions and I've just scratched the surface of Boston. I'm wondering if there is a definitive list of companions and information on how to get them all to join me on my crusade!

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Here's a pretty handy guide for all of the 13 companions you can receive.

You can "recruit":

  • Codsworth (Robot)
    • Location: Sanctuary
    • Associated Quest: None
    • Romance: No
    • Perk: Robot Sympathy
  • Dogmeat (Doge)
    • Location: Red Rocket Truck Stop
    • Associated Quest: None
    • Romance: No
    • Perk: None
  • Paladin Danse (Human)
    • Location: Cambridge Police Station
    • Associated Quest: Call to Arms
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: Know Your Enemy
  • Piper (Human)
    • Location: Diamond City
    • Associated Quest: Location Quest: Story of the Century
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: Gift of Gab
  • Preston Garvey (Human)
    • Location: Museum of Freedom
    • Associated Quest: None
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: United We Stand
  • Nick Valentine (Synth)
    • Location: Vault 114 (Park Street Station)
    • Associated Quest: Side Quest: Long Time Coming
    • Romance: No
    • Perk: Close to Metal
  • Cait (Human)
    • Location: Combat Zone
    • Associated Quest: Side Quest (Companion): Benign Intervention
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: Trigger Rush
  • Curie (Robot)
    • Location: Vault 81
    • Associated Quest: Side Quest (Companion): Emergent Behavior
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: Combat Medic
  • X6-88 (Synth)
    • Location: The Institute
    • Associated Quest: None
    • Romance: No
    • Perk: Shield Harmonics
  • Strong (Mutant)
    • Location: Trinity Tower
    • Associated Quest: None
    • Romance: No
    • Perk: Berserk
  • Deacon (Human)
    • Location: Old North Church
    • Associated Quest: None
    • Romance: No
    • Perk: Cloak & Dagger
  • John Hancock (Ghoul)
    • Location: Goodneighbor
    • Associated Quest: Miscellaneous: Recruiting Hancock
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: Isodoped
  • MacCready (Human)
    • Location: The Third Rail (Goodneighbor)
    • Associated Quest: Side Quest (Companion): Long Road Ahead
    • Romance: Yes
    • Perk: Killshot
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    Dogmeat's an Italian cheif of state?
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  • One of those "humans" is not. Might add the actual race in a spoiler tag.
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I think the best companion in the game is the Romance Paladin Danse. He is the strongest companion in Fallout 4.

General Profile

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Synth

Faction: The Brotherhood of Steel | Rank: Paladin

Main Personality Traits: Devoted, Loyal, Aggressive, Righteous, Fearless

Hair Color: Black | Eye Color: Light Brown

Companion Perk: Know Your Enemy (20% more damage against irradiated ghouls, mutated humanoids and androids)

Here is the complete guide to getting this companion. http://www.reviewpost.net/?p=490

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    What about the rest of the companions? This is only one of many.
    – Timmy Jim
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    There are a couple of problems with your answer. 1. It is opinionated and only mentions a single companion. No one asked for a recommendation on who was the best companion. 2. It doesn't say how to get Paladin Danse in the answer, it provides a link to an external site that tells how to get him.
    – Vemonus
    Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 18:45

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