How to make a counter strike source server that prevent users' from buying any weapon or anything, just give them a specific weapon that used by the all players ?

  • the easiest option would be to use custom maps, for example aim_map only has M4 and AK, aim_deagle only gives players Desert Eagles, awp_ maps only have AWP, ka_ maps are knife-only, he_ maps are grenades-only and so on
    – Novarg
    Nov 12, 2015 at 15:19

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Without plugins the best way to disable weapons in general is to do the following:

  1. go to the cstrike/scripts/ directory of your server
  2. rename or move all weapon_xy.ctx files of the weapons you do not wish to be used
  3. If the server complains about file consistency you might have to disable sv_pure, but it should be fine as-is.

This will make the weapon unusable, but people will still be charged money for trying to buy them. Also the removed weapons will be disabled globally on all maps.

Usually it is easier to use plugins for this, like Mattie Eventscripts or Mani Admin (where you can disable weapons in config files), but this is how you do it without them.

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