I was playing some of the elder scrolls games like Morrowind and Skyrim when I found out about the dwarves. I wanted to explore their ruins and kill many of their robots. Then I found out later why I couldn't find a single dwarf in morrowind or skyrim [Despite Yagrum Bagarn]. I don't know what happened to the dwarves. Does anybody know theories or evidence about the extinction?

  • I actually doubt people from bethesda themselves know about the disappearance of the dwarves..!
    – Fractal
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There are a lot of diferent ways, the dwemer could have disappeard. I am going to sum up a few from the Imperial Library. I assume, that you already know something about "Kagrenac and his tools" else i really recomend to read the articles i linked.

  1. The tools worked. Kagrenac successfully used his tools, and possibly The Calling, to take his race and remove them from Mundus, the Mortal Plane. He either turned them into Deities or simply allowed them to move freely in the Outer Realms.

  2. The tools failed. Kagrenac foolishly de-created his race and erased them from Nirn. They were either destroyed entirely or were transfered to somewhere outside of Nirn and died.

  3. Kagrenac had no chance to actually use the tools. The split second that he did, Daedra Prince Azura snatched him and all of the other Dwemer from Nirn, and imprisoned them in Oblivion. Alternatively, he did use the tools, but as soon as his race was removed from Mundus, Azura imprisoned them in Oblivion. Or he died before he had the chance, and Azura instructed Nerevar to use the tools to destroy the Dwemer enchantment upon the Heart, making them instantly disappear. Either way, Azura put them in Oblivion and there they may or may not have died.

I already mentioned it but those are only speculations, of how it could have happened.


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