In the new patch kog maws W increases the attack speed but reduces the damage to non minions by 55%.

Does this damage reduce include on-hit effects? Does it decrease the bonus damage on the spell (1,25% per 100 ad 0,75% per 100 ap)?


I would say no, only the base damage of the auto attack is reduced. Quoting from the wiki (bold emphasis is mine):

Bio-Arcane Barrage

ACTIVE: For 6 seconds, Kog'Maw gains bonus attack range, doubles his total attack speed and attack speed cap, also halving his ability cast times, and causes each of his basic attacks to deal 「 1.25% per 100 AD 」 (+ 「 0.75% per 100 AP) 」 of target's maximum health bonus magic damage, capped at 100 against minions and monsters.

While Bio-Arcane Barrage is active, Kog'Maw's basic attacks deal 55% damage to non-minions, though on-hit effects are still fully applied.

It appears the bonus damage and on-hit effects are still fully applied (since the bonus damage likely counts as an on-hit effect), without any damage reduction. So only the base auto attack damage will be reduced to 55%.

  • i must have missed that on my read through the wiki, thanks
    – Eumel
    Nov 18 '15 at 9:39
  • No problem at all, easy to miss things like that :)
    – MC ΔT
    Nov 18 '15 at 9:39

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