I have tried the console: player.setcrimegold 0 with all of the ids, still the fine in windhelm is stuck on 9040! I can only make it higher. I tried it with -9040 and it didn't work.


You may have typed in the wrong faction ID, and also have included insufficient parameters to the command.

Pay your bounty - player.paycrimegold <0-1> <0-1> <faction ID> - The first 0-1 choice refers to being sent to jail: entering 1 will let you be teleported to the respective faction's jail, entering 0 won't. The second 0-1 choice refers to keeping your stolen items: entering 0 means you do not lose your stolen items, entering 1 means you do. If you don't add any choice you will be sent to jail without losing your stolen items.

  • 00028170 Crime Faction Falkreath
  • 000267E3 Crime Faction Eastmarch (Windhelm)
  • 00029DB0 Crime Faction Haafingar (Solitude)
  • 0002816D Crime Faction Hjaalmarch (Morthal)
  • 0002816e Crime Faction The Pale (Dawnstar)
  • 0002816C Crime Faction The Reach (Markarth)
  • 0002816B Crime Faction The Rift (Riften)
  • 000267EA Crime Faction Whiterun
  • 0002816F Crime Faction Winterhold
  • xx018279 Crime Faction Raven Rock (Solstheim)

Answer comes from my super answer of all Skyrim problems.


Select a guard of the faction where you have the bounty in the console and enter the following command:

player.paycrimegold 9040

This will not delete the fine, but pay it, which is basically the same.

You can also enter the factionID behind the amount, which spares you from selecting a guard.

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