In Royal Revolt 2, how does the "Leadership boost" work ?

I have item #1 that gives me primary leadership of 1005 and secondary leadership boost of 103.4

Then again, I have item #2 which gives me primary leadership of 1253 and no secondary boosts.

Doing the math, item #2 gives more leadership since 1005+103.4=1108.4 < 1253

But then again, I see that the selling price of item #1 is more than that of #2 (#1 has 92793 gold selling price and #2 has 30696 gold selling price).

I'm not sure how this works. Can someone explain me this ?


Item 2

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According to the wiki, leadership affects your starting morale and recharge rate. The wiki is unclear on what the leadership boost does, but I found a video saying that the leadership boost only affects the recharge rate.


Leadership boost is just additional leadership on your item. On capes and helmets, you can just add it to the base leadership.

They numbers aren't merged because it's a bonus, and leadership bonus can be found on other items such as boots and rings.


Kingly Master Helmet:
2007 base leadership.
998 leadership bonus.

Total leadership = 2007 + 998 = 3005.

The reason why the cape with lower total leadership has a higher value is that it is a rare (blue) quality item which is better than an enchanted (green).

Another reason is that it has a bonus. My sword deals ~110 dmg with ~65 ice dmg. But my other sword with ~100 dmg with 75 ice dmg is worth 70 000 more.

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