In a map I'm making, I have a shop where players can buy rewards for collecting points (things like upgraded stats, items, etc.). One thing I'd like to have is a pet shop, where the player can buy a dog, cat, horse, or skeleton horse. When they buy one, it should become tamed by the player who bought it. There's a data tag on these mobs called OwnerUUID, which must be set to the owner's UUID to make this work...so how can I set it to a player's UUID when anyone could be playing the map, and any player could buy an animal? In other words, how do I calculate the player's UUID and set a data tag to it if their username/account is unknown? If there's no way to do this, how can I make an animal tamed another way with command blocks?

  • Not a direct answer to your question - but instead of taming the wolf in the shop, you could summon a separate tamed wolf and give it to the player. That would likely be the easier option.
    – Ben
    Nov 20, 2015 at 5:01
  • That'd be fine, but then how do I make the summoned wolf be tamed and owned by the player? I'm trying to give them a wolf that will teleport to them and which they can make sit or stand. Nov 20, 2015 at 5:48
  • 1
    I think your best bet is to summon a wild wolf and give the player some bones
    – Moddl
    Nov 20, 2015 at 6:29
  • 1
    This is not possible AFAIK.
    – SirBenet
    Nov 20, 2015 at 17:16
  • 1
    This is not possible. Nov 28, 2015 at 23:08

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I don't know why so many players say this isn't possible. In fact, it is simple!

Just enter this command into a command block:

/summon Wolf ~ ~1 ~ {Owner:Notch}

Of course, the name Notch could be replaced with the player's name that you wanted to have it tamed to. @p does not work! (The command will generate a tamed wolf one block above the command block, tamed to the person of your liking.)

  • As I mentioned in the original question, I have no way of knowing the player who will have this dog. It's a map I'd like to release to the public. That's why it can't be hardcoded. Jan 19, 2016 at 21:21

Summon a willed wolf with a command block then have the same circuit that activated the first command block to activate another command block which will give the player some bones.

Sorry for not getting the exact answer you wanted, but this will still work because this way you don't need to know the players name and they still get their pet wolf.


command block one          command block two
/summon wolf ~ ~1 ~         /give @p bone 15

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