And who is he anyway?

I just entered Bunker Hill, minding my own business, and the guy starts shooting at me. I've never met him and I have no quest involving him, most importantly I CAN'T KILL HIM. Whenever I deplete his HP, he goes down for a few seconds before getting back up and starts shooting me again.

I can't do anything in Bunker Hill because all the NPCs keep running away from me, yelling "It's not my fight".

It's not mine either!


I found this reddit post about the same issue here.

Apparently, as stated in a comment, I killed some robots around Cabot House just prior to entering Bunker Hill, which made Mr Deegan hostile towards me (even if the robots attacked me first... I didn't even enter the place either, they probably just got caught in a crossfire between some raiders and I)

I ended up waiting two full in-game days (as was suggested in the link provided) and Edward Deegan is no longer hostile.

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I had the same problem - I actually went to Cabot House to start the quest, but there were raiders (Rust Devils actually) and while I was fighting them - the Cabot robots were fighting them too - and I must've hit one of the Cabot robots with my plasma flamer or something, because then they were hostile and I had to kill them. Then I went inside (the speaker let me in, of course) and Edward Deegan and Jack Cabot tried to kill me.

I ended up turning the combat AI off ("tcai" on console) so they just froze and I left and ran far away so they wouldn't chase me when I turned the AI back on. (If you don't do the console stuff you could probably just run away until they leave you alone).

I did go and do another quest or two (not sure how many days went by) and I went back and they weren't hostile and the quest continued as normal.

On to my Charisma bobblehead!

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