I am making another map and the theme is that the player must keep moving at all times. How would I test if a player is moving? I think you can do it with scoreboard, but I'm not sure. Please help me.

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The first thing you want to do is to create a scoreboard objective

/scoreboard objectives add Walking stat.walkOneCm Walking

You can show it on the side bar by using this command:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Walking

Do these next steps on a 20Hz fill clock:

You want to set the score of a player to 15 if it goes higher...

/execute @p[score_Walking_min=15] ~ ~ ~ /scoreboard players set @p Walking 10

Then take away 5 from the score every 20 ticks.

/scoreboard players remove @p Walking 5

If they stop moving the score will reach 0 very soon.

So you want to test if a player has a score of 0

/testfor @p[score_Walking_min=-100,score_Walking=0]

Feed that into a comparator and if the score goes below zero it will switch on...

Do whatever you want at that point!

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